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What Can I Expect?

During your consultation, Dr. Smiley will take x-rays and images to get a clear picture of your teeth, jaw, and sinuses. Measurements will be taken to determine the height and width of available bone to see if it will support dental implants or if sinus lift surgery is necessary.

A detailed treatment plan will be created based on the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses. Dr. Smiley will discuss bone grafting options to decide which type of material is used, and he will also review sedation options to keep you as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Before the procedure begins, anesthesia will be administered to help you relax and to numb the area. An incision will be made in the gums at the back of the upper jaw to expose the bone. A small piece of bone will be removed to allow access to the sinuses. Dr. Smiley will gently lift the sinus membrane to increase the amount of space available between the sinuses and the jaw. Then, a bone graft will be placed to fill this newly created space, adding volume to the existing bone while also holding the sinuses in their raised position.

Once the bone graft is in place, the gums will be sutured closed, and the procedure will be complete. It is normal to feel some minor discomfort for a few days after surgery, but many patients find that applying an ice pack and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever is enough to manage any pain. Within a day or two, you should be able to resume many of your normal activities, while being cautious to avoid blowing your nose or sneezing as much as possible. It will take several weeks for the new bone to grow and harden before it is strong enough to support dental implants.

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“When I saw Dr. Smiley he was able to put my dental anxiety at ease. I’ve struggled with this anxiety since childhood, but Dr. Smiley’s bedside manner made me feel comforted and safe. I knew I would be well cared for with him.”


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