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Different Types of Facial Injuries

There are many different causes of facial trauma, from accidental falls or motor vehicle accidents to sports injuries or work-related incidents. The type of injury caused can vary, but common issues include:

  • Broken Bones: There are several major bones in the face, such as the lower jaw (mandible) and upper jaw (maxilla), along with many other associated bones. These bones can be fractured either from trauma or injury, but it is also possible for fractures to happen during normal use due to certain health conditions. Proper setting and stabilization of fractures are essential to preserving the proper way the teeth fit together, as well as facial structure. Repair of facial fractures often requires the use of wires, plates, and screws, just like fractured bones in the rest of the body.
  • Dental Injuries: Impacts on the face can cause cracks or chips in the teeth or cause teeth to become loose or fall out. Knocked-out (avulsed) or luxated (misplaced) teeth can sometimes be replanted or repositioned and secured in place until healed. Dental implants can be used to replace teeth that cannot be salvaged. Placing the knocked-out tooth in whole milk or saltwater until you get to the oral surgeon's office can help preserve it. It is critical that a knocked-out tooth be replanted as soon as possible (ideally within 1 hour) after the injury to provide the best chance of the tooth's survival.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Cuts or lacerations to the face or inside of the mouth are also common forms of facial trauma. There are many muscles, nerves, and blood vessels in the face that Dr. Smiley carefully navigates when treating soft tissue injuries and suturing (stitching) cuts to preserve as much function as possible and minimize scarring.

Addressing Facial Trauma

Timely treatment of facial trauma can reduce complications and support more positive outcomes. The true extent of injuries may not be visible without X-rays or other imaging and a thorough evaluation by an oral surgeon. Dr. Smiley develops treatment plans tailored to your individual needs in order to repair injuries, maintain the health and function of your teeth and jaw, and preserve facial aesthetics. Many facial traumas are able to be treated within the office, including mandible fractures.

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