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How Exactly Do They Work?

Fillers are injectable substances that can be used to add volume or replace lost volume throughout the face to create plumper lips, rounder cheeks, or softer creases. Products may contain a variety of substances, such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, or polymethylmethacrylate. Dr. Smiley will work with you to determine which products can help you achieve the results you desire.

Many fillers have a gel-like consistency that plumps and hydrates the skin from the inside out. Some stimulate natural collagen production as well, for firmer skin. Hyaluronic acid binds with water in the body to improve skin hydration and transport essential nutrients for skin health.

Wrinkles, creases, and fine lines are reduced as additional volume is added to these areas to smooth out the surface of the skin while leaving it soft and supple. Fillers stay in place once injected for longer-lasting results, and then are naturally absorbed or broken down by the body over time.

Why Do People Choose Fillers Over Other Skin Treatments?

Many people prefer dermal fillers because it is a fast, minimally invasive treatment option that is highly customizable. There is no surgery involved, which means no scarring or recovery time. Dr. Smiley can adjust the amount and location of fillers to create just the right balance and contour to complement your appearance.

Results from dermal fillers are temporary and fade over time, so they do not create permanent changes to your appearance. You can continue to get maintenance treatments to extend results and can fine-tune the type, amount, and location of injections to fit your changing needs. Fillers can create subtle, natural-looking results when administered correctly, leaving you with a more youthful glow.

Dermal fillers are FDA-approved and made of substances that naturally exist in the body, such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, or that are biocompatible with the body, making them a generally safe option.

How Long Do the Results Last?

You may notice results almost immediately after dermal fillers are injected, though it can take a day or two for the filler to settle and the full effect to appear. The results may last anywhere from six months to more than a year, meaning less time worrying about the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other common signs of aging and more time feeling confident in how you look. The substances used are naturally absorbed or broken down by your body, so periodic touch-ups can keep your skin looking fresh, smooth, and hydrated.

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