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Our Sedation Options

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is combined with oxygen and breathed in through a mask that goes over your nose. This gas helps you to feel very relaxed, but you will still be conscious and able to answer questions and follow directions. Nitrous oxide is typically used in conjunction with a local anesthetic that is injected to numb the surgical site.

You will be able to hear the instruments and feel some pressure, but you should not experience any pain. As the nitrous oxide and anesthetic wear off, your lips, gums, and cheeks may feel slightly numb and tingly for a while. The great thing about nitrous oxide sedation is it is "fast on, fast off." The maximum sedative effects are experienced in less than a minute of breathing the gas, and the sedative effect stops within a minute of stopping the gas. This means that you can safely drive yourself to and from a surgical procedure without a chaperone.

In-Office IV Sedation

IV sedation is administered through an intravenous catheter typically placed in your arm, and the level of sedation can be adjusted based on your needs and preferences.

Under minimal sedation, you will remain awake and able to interact with Dr. Smiley but in a relaxed state, and you should not feel any pain.

With moderate sedation, you will be less alert and aware of what is happening, and you may even fall asleep. This is also known as twilight sedation or conscious sedation. You may remember some parts of the procedure, but should not experience any pain.

Under deep sedation, you will be completely asleep but still able to breathe on your own. You may remember conversations before and after the procedure, but have little memory of the surgery itself and will not feel any pain.

General Anesthesia

This is similar to deep IV sedation. You will be unconscious but breathing independently and should not have any memory of the surgery or experience any pain. When you wake up, you will be disoriented and groggy, and the effects of the anesthesia may take up to 12 hours to be completely gone.

With all forms of intravenous sedation, you will need to have a responsible adult there to drive you home.

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

  • Anxiety Relief: Knowing that you will not feel any pain or be fully conscious during surgery can offer much-needed relief to patients who are feeling anxious or nervous, or those who just want a more pleasant and relaxing experience.
  • Faster Procedures: When you are relaxed and at ease, it can make for a faster surgery because you are not moving about or reacting during the procedure.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

IV sedation is safe when administered by a trained provider. As a standard part of oral and maxillofacial surgery training, Dr. Smiley was given ample opportunity as the primary provider to sedate patients both in the operating room and outpatient clinical setting. The type of medications and quantity of medications used are personalized to each individual to ensure a safe, effective anesthetic experience. All patients receiving IV sedation are connected to a monitor that can measure breathing, oxygenation, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Who Can Have IV Sedation?

IV sedation is a safe anesthetic option for most patients. There may be medical conditions a patient may have that would cause office-based IV sedation to not be the optimal anesthetic option. Dr. Smiley sedates patients ages 13 and older.

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